Salton Sea, a sunken rift lake on San Andreas Fault line is an exciting, adventurous and educational place, chance to explore abandoned Bombay Beach

The Salton Sea

Feb 18, 2014

Located on the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea is not exactly a sea but in actual fact a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake that occupies the lowest parts of the Salton Sink in Southern California. The Salton Sea is situated below sea level and its water is fed by New, Whitewater and Alamo rivers, on top of the agricultural runoff, drainage systems and creeks nearby.

Although the Salton Sea area is now primarily agricultural, charter bus visitors still visit this interesting place for boating, fishing, and some unique sights only found at the Salton Sea area.

Mud Volcanoes and Mud Pots

Under the Salton Sea lies a vein of lava, making the temperatures at Salton Sea Geothermal Field as hot as 680 degrees in less than a mile just below your feet. Due to the unique area here, mini bus rental visitors can visit these weird sunken ground area that forms into a mud pot. These mud pots bubbles just like a witch’s cauldron, making gurgling and bubbling sounds that are interesting to watch.

There are also mud volcanoes found in this area. Every now and then, these mounds spew out warm mud in all directions, and you can even touch it or have a mud bath if you are up for the experience.

Interestingly, all the footprints left on the ground in the mud can be seen being slowly filled by salt crystals seeping from the ground up. Don’t forget to bring an extra change of clothes and wear old shoes you don’t mind dipping in the mud should you decide to head to this part of the Salton Sea.

Sunken Trailer Park at Bombay Beach

Salton Sea area has now become an interesting place to visit in California, mainly because it looks very much like an abandoned town during apocalypse. At Bombay Beach, most of what is left is half-buried in mud or submerged. The ruins are what was left when the town was abandoned due to the fluctuation levels of the Salton Sea. There are some areas where there are still people living at, but at the Sunken Trailer Park, nothing is left but ruins. This is interesting and fascinating, and also make a great spot to shoot dystopian styled photos.

Other things to do at Salton Sea

  • Boating: Boats float better at the Salton Sea due to its high concentration of salt content. There are seven marinas around the Salton Sea, and since engines run better and smoother here at Salton Sea due to its low elevation, you can have fun roaming around this big lake.
  • Fishing: Not many fishes can survive in this lake of such high salt content, with the exception of Tilapias. You will need a valid fishing license to fish here, and the best time for fishing Tilapias would be between June to September.
  • Bird Watching: There are approximately more than 400 species of migratory birds passing through the Salton Sea between October through January, and this would be the best time to bring your camera and photograph these birds with the help of a tour ranger.

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