Surifing and life on the beach is a part of the California lifestyle. Learn all about surfing and the beaches in California by visiting Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Learn All About Surfing at Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Apr 21, 2014

Unlike many parts of the country, there is an acknowledged fact that the people of Santa Barbara and other beach communities consider their lives as a part of the sea. Life is carefree, laid-back. Life is about surfing and making a, maybe even a spiritual, connection with beach life and the sea. In fact, you don’t have to like surfing in order to understand the culture. Many of our California charter bus rental customers would make trips out to the beach to watch people surf.

So, when you are here in California and happen to be around in Santa Barbara, here are a couple of things you ought to check out. It’s time to check out for yourself what life is like in The American Riviera.

Learn about the history of the history of surfing

Not only do people get to watch people surf, participate in surfing or take up a course while in Santa Barbara, they can get immersed in learning about California’s rich surf history at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Head over to the museum and check out Marilyn S. Tennity’s surfing exhibit called ‘Surf’s Up’.

What you will see at the exhibit would be:-

  • photos and special memorabilia
  • feature of famous local surfers
  • classic design surfboards
  • board shapers
  • videos of surfing styles and history
  • interviews with famous surfers Renny Yater, Tom Curren, Davey Smith, Kim Mearig, Bobby Martinez and more
  • interactive simulation of a nine-foot long, twelve-foot high wave where California charter bus visitors can take a picture with

Californians are for the environment too

Barry and Jean Schuyler’s Environmental Exhibit lets visitors explore the issues that we have out there in the sea, things we do not normally know about, like recreation, resource extraction, shipping and urbanization. These are things that happens everyday that has a profound effect on our environment.

Commercial Fishing and Diving Technology

Another interesting exhibit at the museum would be the Mario M. Castagnola Commercial Fishing and Diving Technology. It tells visitors about evolution of technology used in harpoon fishing and modern fishing industry all around the world. It also opens up your eyes about hardhat diving techniques used in 1800s for abalone sourcing. Amongst other things, we will get the chance to learn from the Fred Kavli Diving Technology exhibit whereby diving helmets, suits and compressors are featured. It will be a highlight during your California charter bus visit.

End the day with a long look at California’s surf culture

Upstairs in the museum would be Endless Summer Bar-Cafe which has filmmaker, Bruce Brown’s official endorsement. The restaurant is decorated and installed with a huge collection of surfboards and also a unique abalone inlay board which was installed in honor of Bruce’s 70th birthday which was celebrated right here in this restaurant. The atmosphere at the restaurant is, as to be expected, casual, comfortable, lively and inviting.

It is designed to pull you into a world that kept international surfers like Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Shaun Thomson and Kim Mearig encapsulated.

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