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Apr 29, 2013 - Jazzing it up in California

Speaking of Jazz music, the first city that comes to mind would be a city like Chicago. Perhaps, New Orleans might pop into your head too when you think of languid music wafting through the air. In fact, New York city ranks tops as a leading American jazz hub. Year after year, more and more jazz night spots and pubs are popping up around the downtown area, catering to jazz music lovers from the city areas. And along those lines, there is also an ever-growing support for the musical artform in Southern California too so, for California charter bus rental customers who are here for a quick getaway, we think popular jazz-related celebrations like the Angel City Jazz Festival might be worth checking out. The older ones are not to be left out as well, of course, because there is much to learn and explore during festivals like the Long Beach Jazz festival. Because of the lack of parking spots and the inconvenience of being stuck in the snarling traffic during these events, group visits should be made using reliable charter bus, bus rental services from Charter Bus CA should suffice.

With the beach serving as a gorgeous backdrop and bonus for California bus rental visitors who are attending the event, Long Beach Jazz Festival has been around for more than two decades and based on their experience in putting up an awesome event like this, time and time again, this year, it is set to bring about some newsworthy stuff too. The jazz festival is usually held over a two day weekend period and it begins around noon and drags on till late into the night as party goers enjoy the countless fun activities, food and drinks. Famous and aspiring artists alike will take the opportunity to grace the stage to provide fun entertainment to these party-goers. Last year, in 2012, renowned names like Dianne Reeves and Poncho Sanchez took the time to connect with the jazz lovers of California. So, if your California trip coincides with this jazz festival, please do ask the charter bus driver to bring you and your group for a quick tour.

When compared to the experience of Long Beach Jazz Festival, the much newer Angel City Jazz Festival seems to be pulling out all the stops too as more and more charter bus rental visitors are starting to get familiar with it and its activities. Los Angeles Times popped by the event last year and the writers and editors had the opportunity to let their hair down together with the throngs of happy party-goers. They enjoyed themselves so much that they called this lively festival ‘the best jazz festival in Los Angeles’.
There are many other up-and-coming jazz festivals around California, Los Angeles particularly, but make a quick check on the internet to find out more about charter bus rental California jazz events like Central Jazz Festival. They have a flavor of their own and deserves your time too. In the meantime, Charter Bus CA looks forward to providing our charter bus rental customers with top notch, affordable party bus, bus charter, shuttle coach, mini bus, or school bus rental services.