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What you can expect from American Coachways - extensive fleet to choose from and budget-friendly travel packages

Most of our loyal California charter bus rental customers trust us in being able to provide top quality service to them whenever they are looking for a personal point-to-point bus rental service. American Coachways is a company that services most major cities in the nation but California remains to be a hotspot for tourists, event-goers, locals and event organizers alike. Charter Bus CA is also known for being able to come up with reliable transportation at large scale events.

Top quality personal customer service unmatched by others

What truly makes Charter Bus CA a popular ground transportation company is that we have a team of staff who have the in-depth know-how about how to help our customers plan, find and book their own charter bus rental package. When speaking to our customer service agents, please feel free to ask them about the pros and cons of each vehicle suggested to you. It is our commitment to this level of quality that our loyal customers look for.

An account executive will be assigned to our customers, as and when, it is required and on top of that, we have the experience and ability to designate just the right charter bus driver for your event and together with our experienced dispatchers and staff, we hope to work together with our customers to ensure that the event goes on as flawlessly as possible.

Charter Bus CA - a modern charter bus and limousine rental service company in California

Our staff understands and continue to grow together with our customers’ needs and preferences. We understand and undertakes modern ways to communicate with our customers to ensure that we are there for them and are ready to listen to their views.

American Coachways is also a family-owned and run corporate that has been around for decades. This experience gives us an edge over our competitors and earns us a name as a ground transportation company that they can trust. We believe that we have redefined what quality bus rental service is all about.

Get quality tips from our staff who are always moving around in California

Our staff and writers are always mobile and looking around for new and exciting places to explore, and they share it with our customers

What is unique about our staff is that they love to travel and explore California just like an everyday tourists while doing their work at the same time. This gives them the time and opportunity to find new places that they think our customers, readers or followers might want to check out too.

The best attractions in California:-

  • San Francisco Bay Area - It is considered by many, including magazines, travel writers, website reviewers and tourists, to be a top city in the world for an extensive options in terms of restaurants, hotels, extravagant night scene and a gay-lesbian culture that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Measuring only about 50 square mile around San Francisco’s Bay Area and a stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley, Marin’s Headlands and many vineyards, our charter bus rental customers have said that one can easily spend more than a week just in San Francisco Bay Area so, do come over when you are in California.
  • Glass Beach - West Elm Street to Old Haul Road in Fort Bragg California - Glass Beach is truly one of its kind and you won’t be here just to surf or sunbathe, you will be here to take pictures of or enjoy the unique glistening glass, marbles and pebbles which are remnants from a long forgotten 60s era. This unique beach is a part of MacKerricher State Park so, after visiting the beach, you can ask the charter bus driver to bring your group to the park for a walk or a people-watching session before heading out for dinner. If you get the chance, bring the charter bus to Salton Sea too.
  • Ontario Mills Malls - Instead of splurging unnecessarily in other fancier malls and boulevards in California, try heading out to Ontario Mills Malls which is also the largest single-story mall in this region. The mall itself is about 40 miles big so, it is quite impossible to navigate the store without a proper guide (which is provided). It gives a whole new meaning to ‘shop till you drop’.
  • Temecula wine county - We all know that California is one of the best places to find great wine but Temecula County, which is a located at 34567 Rancho California Road in Temecula, is one of California’s newest wine region at only nearly 4 decades old. Old may be gold but Temecula County gives wine tour a whole new twist because it is more savvy in modern marketing and have been attracting countless award-winning winemakers to this region. Along the way, visitors will get the chance to explore hilly terrains amidst vineyards and horse ranches and orchards too.
  • Gamble House - 4 Westmoreland PL, Pasadena, CA - If you are into architecture and history, then bring the charter bus around to Gamble House which remains to be one of the few remaining architectural wonder in California. The home was designed and the interior was thought out by Charles and Henry Greene for owners of the home, Procter and Gamble Company’s David and Mary Gamble. The home, today, is now a recognized and registered National Historic Landmark.

...and our writers share their latest discoveries

Learn All About Surfing at Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Unlike many parts of the country, there is an acknowledged fact that the people of Santa Barbara and other beach communities consider their lives as a part of the sea. Life is carefree, laid-back. Life is about surfing and making a, maybe even a spiritual, connection with beach life and the sea. In fact, you don’t have to like surfing in order to understand the culture. Many of our California charter bus rentalcustomers would make trips out to the beach to watch people surf.

So, when you are here in California and happen to be around in Santa Barbara, here are a couple of things you ought to check out. It’s time to check out for yourself what life is like in The American Riviera.

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Customers can also head over to our Contact page to fill out a quick and simple quote request form and then send it over to our customer service representatives who will process the request and provide you with a quote and followed by a confirmation and booking number.

Charter Bus CA is a charter bus rental company that you can trust to deliver prompt and professional bus rental services.


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